Operating Points

Operating Points Ideal Equipment Ideal Gas operating points come as straight supply or regulated from distribution pipeline. The non-regulated operating point include isolation valve, support bracket, flashback arrestor and regulator connection affer five types of systems that vary in number of connection points for supply to single or various types of gases. Singular System-(Non-Regulated) Description… Continue reading Operating Points

Valves, Regulators & Flashback Arrestors

Valves, Regulators & Flashback Arrestors Ideal Equipment Our valves are designed to protect low-pressure equipment downstream from the regulator in the event of a major failure and are specifically made for custom and standard applications and to meet the requirements of relevant standards. Ideal Gas valves are constructed from the highest quality materials and we… Continue reading Valves, Regulators & Flashback Arrestors

A safer year so far in SA’s gas industry

Comparing registration numbers between March 2021 toMarch 2022, there has been an increase in registered gaspractitioners according to the South African Qualificationand Certification Committee for Gas (SAQQC Gas). That is excellentnews! For the everyday South African who benefits from gasproducts as well as the workers maintaining and installing gassystems, it means a safer year with… Continue reading A safer year so far in SA’s gas industry